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Woven Carpet

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Woven Carpet – Looms interlace warp (lengthwise) and filling (widthwise) yarns to create a sturdy textile for the floor. Much woven carpet is produced in intricate, colorful patterns. Types of woven carpet include Axminster and Wilton.

Wood Flooring

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Wood Flooring – Most wood flooring is made of hardwoods, such as oak, maple, pecan, beech and birch. There is solid wood flooring and laminated, which combines wood layered in different directions for strength and to inhibit warping. Most wood flooring today is prefinished at the factory to ease of installation and uniformity of finish.

Wilton Carpet

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Wilton Carpet – Woven carpet made in a variety of patterns and textures but with a limited number of colors per pattern.

Vinyl Composition Tile

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Vinyl Composition Tile – These floor tiles are made from vinyl resins and filler materials to create resilient flooring in assorted colors and patterns.

Tufted Carpet

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Tufted Carpet – Carpet manufactured by tufting machines, which insert pile tufts with needles which penetrate a primary backing fabric, thus forming tufts. About 90% of all North American carpet is tufted.


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Terrazzo – A smooth multicolored floor made of marble or stone chips embedded in a cement binder, then highly polished. Traditionally terrazzo floors are poured and set on site, but manufactured terrazzo tiles are also available.

Tackless Installation

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Tackless Installation – Where carpet is laid over pad and stretched to fit over tack strips, which are specially made strips of wood with implanted tacks to hold the carpet snugly to the wall. Also called wall-to-wall installation.

Strip Flooring

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Strip Flooring – The most popular wood flooring, it is made of long, narrow – about 3 inches wide – tongue – and – groove boards that are end-matched. Strip flooring wider than 3 inches is called plank flooring.

Stain Resistant

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Stain Resistant – A chemical finish applied to or inherent in carpet fibers which inhibit specific stains from adhering to or dying (staining) carpet and fabrics.

Solid Vinyl Flooring

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Solid Vinyl Flooring – This smooth-surface plastic floor is a mixture of vinyl resins, plasticizer, fillers and stabilizers with color added throughout the product. Produced in either square tiles or sheet goods.