Distressed Hardwood Floors

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Distressed hardwood floors and Hand Scraped Wood Floors are gaining in popularity and are quickly becoming one of the most common types of hardwood flooring available in the home renovation market.

This types of hardwood flooring gives each piece of flooring a unique appearance.

Hand-scraped floors will be truly unique, and will not contain an identifiable pattern.

Machine-scraped floors are more affordable, but you can often discern a repeating pattern across the surface of the floor.

Hand scraped hardwood floors are available in numerous hardwood species, appearances in the manner they are manufactured, different stains that are used, up to what finish gloss level you may prefer.

Hand Scraped Wood Floors covers all aspects in industrial, commercials and domestic floor coverings and floor maintenance.

If you appreciate the eloquent imperfection of hand craftsmanship…if you enjoy the soft glow of fine hardwood…if you want visitors to your home to be transported back to the comfort and warmth of simpler times…

Hand Scraped Wood Floors offer you the hand-scraped flooring that is just right for you.