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Soil Retardant

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Soil Retardant – A chemical finish applied to carpet and fabric surfaces which inhibits attachment of soil to fiber. It is usually a topical treatment but may also be inherent in the fiber.


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Slate – A naturally laminated rock that is often used in regular and irregular shapes embedded in cement or mortar to create a hard-surface, pattern floor.

Sisal Flooring

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Sisal Flooring – Rugs, mats and matting made from sisal, a natural plant material. Available woven and dyed in various colors, as well as machine and hand painted. Similar flooring is made of jute, coconut and seagrass.

Sculptured Carpet

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Sculptured Carpet – Any carpet pattern form from high and low pile areas, such as high-low or cut-and-loop.

Saxony Carpet

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Saxony Carpet – Cut-pile carpet in a relatively dense construction, with well-defined individual tuft tips. Smoother finished saxonies are called “plushes.”

Rubber Flooring

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Rubber Flooring – Today rubber flooring – tiles and sheet goods – is made from synthetic rubber. It comes in ribbed, coin and other raised patterns.


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Remnant – A short piece of carpet from a roll of carpet that usually measures less than nine feet long. Smooth surfaced flooring (tiles, strips or sheet goods) manufactured by combining a plastic material with filler and pigments, then processed into sheets of different thicknesses. If a backing material is used, the plastic sheet is […]

Random Sheared Carpet

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Random Sheared Carpet – Created by lightly shearing either level loop or high-low loop carpet so that only the higher loops are cut. Sheared areas are less reflective than uncut loops, which appear brighter and lighter in color. Random shearing high-low loop carpet produces a cut and loop style texture.

Rag Rug

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Rag Rug – A sturdy, colorful rug handwoven from cotton scraps.

Quarry Tile

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Quarry Tile – Glazed or unglazed ceramic tile made using an extrusion process. An example is the terra-cotta squares used in the Southwest.