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Cut and Loop Carpet

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Cut and Loop Carpet – A multilevel loop carpet, where the taller loops are sheared. The resulting uncut loops and sheared top loops create a sculptured pattern. The texture and often subtle, variegated colorings help hide soil and traffic wear.

Cork Flooring

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Cork Flooring – One of the easiest of modern resilient floor coverings, the flooring is made from the bark of cork oak trees, a renewable material. Cork flooring is available in tiles and sheet goods in natural unfinished cork, waxed cork, resin-reinforced waxed and vinyl impregnated cork in many colors including natural shades.

Ceramic Tile

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Ceramic Tile – Made from clay or a mixture of organic materials, ceramic tile is finished by kiln firing. The common types are mosaic and quarry. Made in many shapes and sizes, it is glazed or unglazed. For floors, it is set in a cement or mortar type mixture.

Carpet Pile

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Carpet Pile – Fibers that form the upper surface of carpet.

Carpet Cushion

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Carpet Cushion – A variety of materials placed under carpet to provide softness and longer wear when it is walked on. In some cases, the carpet cushion is attached to the carpet when it is manufactured. Terms also used: lining, padding, or underlay.

Carpet Backing

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Carpet Backing – Fabrics or yarns forming the back of the carpet as opposed to the carpet pile or face. In tufted carpets, there are two backings: a primary backing into which the pile yarn is inserted. Secondary backing is a fabric that is laminated to the back of the carpet for reinforcement and dimensional […]


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Carpet – The general designation for the textiles used as floor coverings.

Carpet Broadloom

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Broadloom – A term originally used to denote carpet produced in widths wider than six feet. Today carpet comes in 6-foot, 12-foot and 15-foot widths.

Carpet Binding

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Binding – A strip sewn over a carpet edge for protection against unraveling. Carpet is bound to form rugs.

Berber Carpet

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Berber Carpet – The term Berber is applied to carpet that has theoff-white heathered look of clocks used by the Berber tribes of North Africa.Berber carpets use flecked yarns most often in loop styles. The size of the loops vary from large nubby ones to small, fauxiscal styles. Patterned Berbers are multi-level loop as well […]